Where Timeless Elegance Meets Unquestionable Performance....

The Silverbullet SE is an exquisite, German premium-quality bed. With its elegant new look in high-gloss metallic finish and chrome strips. Features a Misty Breeze System, which gives a fine mist to cool and refresh. This unit also will feature three High Pressure facials and two 250-watt Power Spot shoulder and neck tanning lamps. Guaranteed to give you superior tanning performance. Plug in your MP3 Player into the bed and listen to your own music, while you experience the ultimate tanning machine.

The Lamborghini of Tanning Beds....

The Revolutionary UV Scan 360 features state-of-the-art technology in an attractive and ergonomic design.

A wonder of engineering, The UV Scan 360 stands at the forefront of a new generation of high-performance...

Over 75% more effective output per watt with a high-efficiency glass reflector design that never develops hot spots or weak spots.

Active monitoring system with upper and lower body scanners to ensure uniform coverage and optimal comfort throughout the tanning session.

Ensure a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan..

Ultra Pressure Bronzing Beds....

The MegaMax Extreme is intense tanning at its finest, equipped with the best bronzing lamps which filter out 99% of UVB .

The Extreme carries 9 facial that gives tanners superior color on the face and chest area.

Glass reflector performance delivering 35% more UV output to enhance a deeper intensive tan.

Luxurious comfortable contour body acrylic for maximum tanning surface.

No Burning, More Bronzing which deliver an unbeatable beautiful tan.

Super Bed...

The SonnenBraune Pryzma elliptical shape wraps light around your entire body virtually eliminating striping. Offering a deep contour on the top and bottom, and a powerful body fan ensuring maximum comfort. The Pyrzma light spectrum also differs from most conventional “mega beds” by heightening and broadening the UVA band of light resulting in a deeper, darker, and longer lasting tan..


Sun Capsule Super Cyclone VHR tanning systems has 5 times the UVA tanning power of a conventional tanning bed providing the quickest, darkest all over tan. Because of the high powered cooling system in this vertical unit this is the most hygienic and efficient tanning unit on the market.

With their unique hexagonal shape and surround-tan technology, SunCapsule vertical booth is designed for those customers who don’t take their tans lying down and achieve radiant tan in minutes.


Tanses TT vertical booth is designed for those customers who feel claustrophobic to lay in a bed. German made, with high-efficiency reflector lamps, Help tan under arms and eliminate pressure points, the 360 degree coverage provides an all over great tan.